Society Bylaws

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 This association is named The Hematology Society of Taiwan.
Article 2 The Society aims to raise standards in hematology, promote study of hematology, enable members to socialize and exchange research results, and develop links with hematology groups in other countries.
Article 3 The Society is located where the countrys central government is located.
Article 4 The Society may establish branches, chapters and various committees deemed necessary, with their organization rules separately drawn up.

Chapter 2 Tasks

Article 5 The Societys Tasks:

  • Promoting research on hematology.
  • Investigating domestic and overseas developments in hematology, collecting relevant books for reference by various academic groups.
  • Organizing academic speeches and discussions.
  • Examining hematology terms and standards.
  • Publishing Society magazines and relevant books and periodicals.
  • Rewarding outstanding hematologists and holding other relevant events.
Chapter 3 Membership

Article 6 Membership falls into one of five categories: (A) Regular (B) Sponsoring (C) Associate (D) Group (E) Honorary, with the following qualifications:
(A) Regular Member:

  • (1) Graduates of school of medicine or school of Chinese medicine of domestic or overseas private or public colleges of medicine who have obtained a physician license and have an interest in hematology.
  • (2) Graduates of domestic or overseas private or public universities or junior colleges of medicine who have been engaged in blood-related work at a private or public college of medicine, teaching hospital or graduate institute of medicine for at least two years and have an interest in hematology.
  • (3) Persons meeting one of the above criteria and recommended by two of the Societys members may become a Regular Member after being approved by the Board of Directors.
(B) Sponsoring Member:
Persons or groups having financially or otherwise contributed to the Society may become a Sponsoring Member after being approved by the Board.
(C) Associate Member:
Persons having made a special contribution to hematology may become an Associate Member after being approved by the Board.
(D) Group Member:
Academic, medical or educational groups interested in hematology may become Group Members upon the recommendation of two Directors/Supervisors and approval of the Board.
(E) Honorary Member:
Members aged 65 or older who have fulfilled member obligations for at least ten years may apply to become an Honorary Member. Once an application is approved by the Board, the applicant becomes an Honorary Member, whose membership fees are waived.

Article 7 Members breaching the Societys bylaws or tarnishing its reputation may be referred by the Board to a Members Assembly for censure or expulsion. Membership of members failing to fulfill member obligations for two years or longer may be terminated at a Board meeting.

Article 8 Members enjoy the following privileges:
(A) Regular Members are entitled to:

  • Elect and be elected.
  • Attend annual meetings and other gatherings.
  • Participate in various undertakings organized by the Society.
  • Purchase or subscribe to the Societys publications at reduced rates.
(B) Sponsoring, Associate, Group and Honorary Members are entitled to:
  • Participate in various events. They are not entitled to vote, elect or be elected.
  • Receive the Societys publications free of charge.

Article 9 Members shall fulfill the following obligations:
(A) Regular Member:

  • Abiding by the Societys bylaws and carrying out its resolutions
  • Performing tasks assigned by the Society
  • Paying membership fees on time
(B) Sponsoring Member and Group Member:
  • Abiding by the Societys bylaws and carrying out its resolutions<
  • Paying membership fees on time

Chapter 4 Organization

Article 10 The Members Assembly has the ultimate authority. When the Assembly is not in session, the Board shall act on its behalf.

Article 11 15 Directors, five Alternate Directors, five Supervisors and one Alternate Supervisor are elected by the Members Assembly to form a Board of Directors and a Board of Supervisors, respectively.

Article 12 Five Managing Directors are elected from among the Directors, with one Managing Director elected Chairman. The Chairman may not be elected for two consecutive terms. One Supervisor shall be elected Managing Supervisor.

Article 13 Candidates for the first Directors and Supervisors shall be recommended at a Preparatory Meeting of a Members Assembly and elected at the Members Assembly. The Board of Directors shall recommend candidates to serve as the second and subsequent Directors and Supervisors, who shall be elected at the Members Assembly.

Article 14 Directors and Supervisors shall not be compensated for their services.

Article 15 All Directors and Supervisors are elected for a term of three years. They may serve for as many terms as they are elected.

Article 16 The Board of Directors has the following responsibilities:
  • (A) Making plans for dealing with the Societys matters and implementing resolutions passed by the Members Assembly.
  • (B) Calling Members Assembly meetings.
  • (C) Reviewing applications for admission to and withdrawal from the Society.
  • (D) Preparing budgets and financial statements.
  • (E) Selecting staff members and members of various committees.
Article 17 The Board of Supervisors has the following responsibilities:
  • (A) Overseeing implementation and progress of the Societys matters
  • (B) Investigating and handling discipline-related matters.
  • (C) Reviewing the Societys budgets and financial statements.
Article 18 In the event of one of the following, a Director/Supervisor shallbe relieved of his/her position:
  • (A) The Director/Supervisor has resigned due to unforeseen circumstances, which has been approved by the Members Assembly.
  • (B) The Director/Supervisor fails to perform his/her duties satisfactorily and has been dismissed by the Members Assembly.
  • (C) The Director/Supervisor has been dismissed by the Members Assembly for breaching a law or regulation or gross misconduct when performing his/her duties.

Article 19 Alternate Directors/Supervisor shall succeed Directors/Supervisor failing to serve out their term.

Article 20 A Secretary General shall be recommended by the Chairman and approved by the Board of Directors. The Secretary General shall not be a Director or Supervisor. The Chairman shall decide on the number of staff members, who shall be employed after being approved by the Board of Directors.

Chapter 5 Meetings

Article 21 A Members Assembly is held once a year, with an academic discussion held every four months and provisional meetings held whenever needed.

Article 22 Directors and Supervisors shall convene a meeting at least twice a year, with a provisional meeting convened whenever necessary.

Chapter 6 Funds

Article 23 Sources of the Societys funds are:
(A) Membership fee:

  • Regular Member: Regular Members membership fee is NT$1,000. Physician Members annual fee is NT$2,000, while non-Physician Members annual fee is NT$1,000..
  • Sponsoring Member: Persons sponsoring the Society NT$30,000 or more or groups sponsoring the Society NT$50,000 or more in any given year become Sponsoring Members..
  • Group Member: Membership fee and annual fee for a Group Member are NT$1,000 and NT$5,000, respectively. .
  • Membership fee increases/decreases may be recommended by the Board of Directors/Supervisors and approved at a Members Assembly based on actual requirements.
(B) Subsidies.
(C) Donations.
(D) Interest earned from the Societys funds.

Chapter 7 Supplementary Provisions

Article 24 Rules governing the handling of matters and employees shall be separately drafted by the Board of Directors.
Article 25 Matters not dealt with herein shall be submitted to a Members Assembly for resolution.
Article 26 The Bylaws take effect after being passed at a Members Assembly and approved by the Ministry of the Interior. The same applies upon their revision.
Article 27 If the Society dissolves, all its assets shall be handed over to the Treasury.

The Bylaws were revised and announced on the following dates by the following Members Assemblies: April 21, 1990; 1st Meeting of the 7th Members Assembly
April 25, 1992; 3rd Meeting of the 7th Members Assembly
April 16, 1993; 1st Meeting of the 8th Members Assembly
April 22, 1995; 3rd Meeting of the 8th Members Assembly
April 13, 1996; 1st Meeting of the 9th Members Assembly
March 11, 2000; 2nd Meeting of the 10th Members Assembly
March 17, 2001; 3rd Meeting of the 10th Members Assembly
March 15, 2003; 2nd Meeting of the 11th Members Assembly
April 27, 2008; 1st Meeting of the 13th Members Assembly