5th ICIS Expert Meeting, Immunomodulation and Management in ITP and other autoimmune disorders

The 5th ICIS Expert Meeting in Switzerland on “Immunomodulation and Management in ITP and other autoimmune Disorders”will be held on September 24-26, 2015 in Flüeli-Ranft, Switzerland. Please be invited to share interesting lectures in the field of research for ITP. There will be 6 sessions with different disciplines, but all will focus on immunomodulation and management in autoimmune disorders and ITP: Plenary session 1: Immunomodulation and Therapeutics Plenary session 2: Rheumatology Plenary session 3: Immunology in Gastroenterology Plenary session 4: Neurology Plenary session 5: Dermatology Plenary session 6: Hematology These sessions with plenary lectures will be followed by working group sessions with the opportunity to further discuss immunological and other topics in ITP. Moreover, the workshop sessions offer opportunities to give short oral presentations and will be summarized on Saturday morning. It is a great pleasure and honor for us to invite you to attend our meeting and to act as an expert in a working group. In each working group short talk/presentations may be held and abstracts may be published in the Supplementum of Seminars in Hematology. For further details and registration please visit www.itpbasel.ch/Meetings-Agenda, thank you.